Portfolio – Valentin Lenhart


Simple time tracking with great touch controls.


The location based web-browser. Surf websites around you.

Scrolling 2.0

Make scrollbars useful again and use them to visualize the content of your files.


Web design for a small company specializing in wireless electronics in the fields Identification (RFID), Localization (IPS), RF communication and Wireless Power.

MinerVGA for HTML5

Reimplementation of the 1998 DOS game “MinerVGA”, which can be regarded as an early instance of “Minecraft”-like gameplay.

Miner! for HTML5

HTML5 adaptation of Ron Longfellow‘s 1980 Commodore PET game “Miner!”, one of the first games I played.


This interactive installation brings floors to life and converts them to entertainment surfaces.

Multiplayer Level Analysis

This project aims to give Level Designers an objective way to analyze their levels by visualizing player behaviour.

Bubble Project

Prototype of a comic creator using web technology.


I created several user scripts for Greasemonkey, an extension that allows you to modify web pages before they are displayed in the browser. Some of my scripts ended up in Mark Pilgrim‘s book “Greasemonkey Hacks”.